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Mindvalley Certified HoloBody Coach Curriculum Overview
Mindvalley Certified HoloBody Coach Curriculum Overview

This is an overview of the program content

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Relying solely on exercise and nutrition is insufficient. Our focus is on establishing a profound mind-body integration that transcends the surface-level approach of diets and exhaustive exercise regimens. Once you embark on this journey, you will undergo a significant and enduring transformation, marking the most significant wellness breakthrough of your life. This transformation extends beyond your lifespan, weight, and metabolism to encompass your ability to heal and recover, as well as your emotional and spiritual well-being. HoloBody presents a series of science-based practices within a rigorously proven and easily navigable framework.


The Foundations of Powerful Coaching

In your first month, you will discover how to coach yourself and others through the process of a life-changing and permanent body transformation with full engagement, consistency, and commitment every step of the way.

You will learn:

  • The eight foundational elements of Mindvalley Coaching (Rapport, Empathy, Awareness, Presence, and Deep Listening, Creating Trust, Congruence, Neutrality, Powerful Questions) and how to continuously develop and master these critical skills to become an extraordinarily effective coach.

  • How to create a deep human connection right from the beginning of any coaching relationship, building unshakable trust and confidence in the process.

  • Structuring your coaching sessions to help you or your clients gain clarity on desired outcomes and identify the best action steps to make those outcomes a reality.

  • Leveraging human behavior to your advantage, engaging with belief systems, emotions, and self-image to drive resistance-free and lasting behavioral change.

By the end of Month 1, you will be equipped to coach yourself and others through an intimate yet authoritative coaching methodology that facilitates change and transformation through trust and respect.


The Foundations of Body Transformation

In Month 2, you will acquire the tools, skills, and mindset necessary for building a lifelong foundation for health and fitness. This will serve as the backbone for any body transformation you undertake, allowing old habits and patterns to give way to a new lifestyle and self-identity.

You will learn:

  • A step-by-step micro habit formation process that leverages behavioral change science to seamlessly integrate new health and fitness practices into any lifestyle, with zero resistance or struggle.

  • Techniques for shifting a person's body identity through a profound process of self-inquiry to identify and reprogram old beliefs that hinder the body from healing and transforming.

  • Creating mind-body states of power at will using Silva Ultramind techniques, enabling you to access different brainwave states and enhance feelings of creativity, calm, and alertness.

  • Five simple yet powerful fitness baseline techniques that utilize personal body weight to develop optimal strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, and mobility.

  • The 5 Psycho-Cybernetics System tools for transforming individual health and fitness goals into a set of mindful practices that shape a person's actions and put transformation on autopilot.

By the end of Month 2, you will have a framework for transforming the mind's disposition towards health and fitness, shifting aspects of body identity, and incorporating new exercise, nutrition, and mindset micro habits that create a baseline of health and fitness.


The Racing Mode for Body Transformations

Month 3 is dedicated to focus and exponential growth. In this stage, you will 'race' towards a powerful body transformation by swiftly adopting and refining new protocols, habits, and routines that bolster peak health and fitness while quickly discarding those that don't align.

You will learn:

  • Effective strength and cardiovascular training routines designed to develop strength, build muscle mass, and optimize the rate of oxygen uptake and distribution.

  • Optimization of sleep quality, quantity, and environment to enhance the body's ability to regenerate physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • The latest insights into women's health optimization, guiding the alignment of exercise and nutrition practices with hormonal changes for pre and post-menopausal women.

  • Intermediate and advanced methods of intermittent fasting to enhance metabolic health and promote fat loss, along with a framework to decide when and how to implement it.

  • Utilizing self-hypnosis audio tracks to reshape beliefs and behaviors related to health, including those operating silently in the background.

By the end of Month 3, you will be capable of designing and implementing highly rewarding transformation sprints that facilitate rapid and lasting shifts in mindset, lifestyle, and wellness. Additionally, you will understand the optimal timing to commence and conclude these sprints, leveraging unique levels of physiological and psychological readiness in both yourself and others.


The Cruising Mode for Body Transformations

In your final month, the focus shifts from racing mode to cruising mode, where new wellness habits and fitness routines are effortlessly, enjoyably, and rewardingly sustained. This stage becomes the predominant lifestyle, where peak health and fitness seamlessly become second nature.

You will learn:

  • Utilizing the Food Framework to transition from restrictive and unsustainable diets to a more flexible and enjoyable approach that provides all necessary nutrients.

  • Embracing the concepts of Master Meals and Champion Meals, simplifying meal preparation, eating out, and ordering food to combine convenience, nourishment, and satisfaction.

  • Designing a complete and flexible weekly exercise routine that allows the body to express strength, power, mobility, and resilience while accommodating individual goals and schedules.

  • Incorporating image therapy and other mind-over-body healing tools to support the healing and improvement of various physiological functions, including skin, nails, and eyesight.

  • The Shadow Extraction Process, an advanced energy work technique aiding the release of unconscious and deep-rooted mental patterns affecting health.

By the end of Month 4, you will be proficient in facilitating a sustainable and intuitive lifestyle where progress and transformation are not only sustained but consistently improved over time. The outcome is a set of new habits, paradigms, and even a new self-identity that fosters lifelong health and fitness.

Is the program accredited?

Yes, it is accredited by EMCC. Accreditation from the European Mentoring & Coaching Council is the gold standard in professional coaching recognition: and by completing the Holobody Coaching Certification program, you get certified and listed as a Practitioner with EMCC.

You can learn more about the accreditation here.

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