What will I get out of this Certification Experience with Mindvalley?

  1. Nurture Deep Self-Awareness via the Infinite Power of Presence

  2. Master All Thoughts and Emotions via Organizing the Mind

  3. Cultivate Highly-Skilled Body Intelligence via Conscious Bioengineering

  4. Expansive Spirituality via Authentic Connectedness

What does the Training Curriculum look like?






Diving Into The Process

By the end of Month 1 - you’ll be able to... Create powerful, lasting, trust-based relationships with clients through masterful, confident coaching sessions. You’ll know how to set healthy boundaries and structure powerful coaching sessions that guarantee maximum growth and forward momentum for your clients in every single session.


Cultivating Presence & Organising Your Mind (Segment 1)

By the end of Month 2 - you’ll be able to… Elevate conscious awareness to cultivate deep presence to create desired outcomes for yourself and your clients. You’ll also know exactly how to help clients navigate the hidden, inner world of thoughts and emotions to create what they desire across all key areas including finance, work, health and their relationships with others.


Organising Your Mind (Segment 2) + Conscious Bioengineering

By the end of Month 3 - you’ll be able to… Successfully guide clients through a powerful mind-body journey that allows them to consciously and effectively change their habits, transform their worldview, build resilience, master fear and access high levels of creativity and flow for exceptional performance every aspect of life


Authentic Connectedness

By the end of Month 4 - you’ll be able to… expertly guide your clients to live their truest calling and purpose with inspiration and insight (and also do the same for yourself). You’ll open your heart to powerful divine guidance, connect to the larger Universe with exclusive, powerful meditation practices and start living your destiny as a world-class life coach.

To contact Mindvalley’s & Evercoach’s customer support team directly, you can write to us via certification@evercoach.com.

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