Certified Life Coach is insofar as it allows you to coach anybody through various life challenges as well as growth. It’s based on Ajit & Vishen’s unique methodologies that they use with their clients. On top of being certified as a life coach by Mindvalley and Evercoach you are also certified as meditation trainer.

  • The first month of all our certifications would consist of “Fundamentals of Coaching”. This is common across all certifications as we aim to create solid foundations before diving into the main content.

  • In the Certified Business Coach program, we train coaches on how they can coach an individual and consult their business problems. This program is mainly developed for coaches who want to work with business leaders, leaders who want to take their organisation to the next level, and business owners who want to learn how to build robust organisations. You can become a business coach if you have no prior experience too. We provide a blend of coaching and consulting under this program. The next three months are focused on coaching business leaders, understanding the business dynamics and developing your skills as a consultant.

  • The Certified Holobody Coach program is primarily for people interested in becoming health coaches. We train coaches on how they can transform their health and their body through various techniques and get similar results for their clients. The next three months are focused on acing their health and coaching others through the journey.

  • The Certified 10X Coach program is mainly developed for people who are into fitness and would like to train others to become their fittest selves. We train coaches on our flagship 10x program and certify them to be 10x Coaches. This program is a physically intensive one, where the coaches are trained in a home and in a gym setting ( preferably) and learn how they can coach and train their clients using 10x principles.

    To contact Mindvalley’s & Evercoach’s customer support team directly, you can write to us via certification@evercoach.com.

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