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What Are the Differences Between the Mindvalley Coaching Certifications?
What Are the Differences Between the Mindvalley Coaching Certifications?

Description of the Mindvalley Certifications and the difference between them.

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Mindvalley Certified Life Coach

When you become a Mindvalley Certified Life Coach you obtain the qualifications and tools to coach anybody through various life challenges as well as growth. The certification is based on Ajit & Vishen’s unique methodologies that they use with their clients. On top of being certified as a life coach by Mindvalley, you are also certified as a meditation trainer.

Mindvalley Certified Business Coach

The Mindvalley Certified Business Coach Program offers a comprehensive toolkit for effective coaching and consulting. This certification emphasizes a unique mindset that encourages creative problem-solving and a distinct perspective on challenges. In a rapidly changing world, adaptability and innovation are key to survival and success. The program recognizes Coaching and consulting as a powerful strategy for helping companies adapt to change and ensuring sustainable growth. It focuses on enhancing communication, talent acquisition, retention, and maximizing profitability. In essence, the program not only imparts crucial skills but also fosters a mindset essential for navigating the evolving business landscape with creativity and resilience.

Mindvalley Certified Holobody Coach

The Mindvalley Certified Holobody Coach program is primarily for people interested in becoming health coaches. We train coaches on how they can transform their health and their body through various techniques and get similar results for their clients.

Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist

In this program, you will learn a new professional skill set from hypnotherapy and NLP practices that are scientifically proven to create deep, fast, and permanent behavioral change - which you can then use to help your loved ones, yourself, and your coaching clients in adopting new patterns of thinking, new levels of peak performance, and freedom from detrimental habits and other life challenges.

Mindvalley Viome Certified Nutrition Coach

The Mindvalley Viome Certified Nutrition Coach course is designed to provide students with a holistic understanding of Precision Nutrition, integrating disciplines such as molecular biology, systems biology, metatranscriptomics, microbiome science, translational nutrition, behavioral psychology, and applied health psychology. The program's primary focus is to empower life and health coaches with the expertise to apply this multifaceted knowledge in their practices. Specifically tailored for success with platforms like Viome, the course positions coaches to effectively support clients in their journey toward holistic well-being by leveraging the latest advancements in nutritional science and behavioral psychology.

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