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Mindvalley Certified Life Coach Curriculum Overview
Mindvalley Certified Life Coach Curriculum Overview

This is an overview of the program content

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Over these 4 months, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to become a sought-after Life Coach, including:

  • The Fundamentals of Coaching: Master the core principles and techniques of effective coaching.

  • The 4-Part Coaching Process: Learn how to guide anyone through Presence, Organize Your Mind, Bioengineering, and Connectedness for powerful transformations.

  • The 6-Phase Meditation Training Program: Deepen your own practice and learn to guide others in mindful self-exploration.

Our uniquely designed curriculum provides you with everything you need to succeed, from comprehensive content tailored to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to become a high-skilled Life Coach to ongoing training and support to empower you to facilitate life-changing transformations for your clients.


Mastering the Fundamentals of Transformational Life Coaching. This month, you'll dive deep into the core principles that make transformational life coaching so powerful. With Mindvalley's proven system, you'll learn:

  • Soulful Connection: Develop instant rapport, cultivate authentic empathy, and become a master listener. This will empower you to connect with clients on a soul-to-soul level, building trust and creating lasting impact.

  • Building Strong Client Relationships: Discover the secrets to nurturing healthy, productive, and long-lasting client partnerships. Learn to maintain healthy boundaries while fostering mutual trust and respect.

  • Coaching Every Client to Success: Whether your clients seek goal achievement, deep inner work, or breaking free from limiting patterns, you'll be equipped to guide them through any challenge and help them rise above.

By the end of Month 1, you'll have a clear roadmap for your life coaching journey. Equipped with the right mindset, essential tools, and powerful strategies, you'll be ready to set both yourself and your clients up for success.


Elevating clients through mastery of presence and mind: In your second month you’ll discover how to spark exceptional breakthroughs and transformations in anyone, by harnessing the full power of your presence and your mind. Because as you’ll find out, mastering yourself is an essential step to helping others master themselves. You will learn:

  • How to be present for challenging emotions (without being dragged down by them): As a life coach, you’ll face a vast spectrum of emotions from both yourself and your clients - and with the right approach, you can shift all of them into empowering thoughts and productive action.

  • Creating a safe space for your clients: Learn how to reconnect your clients with the confidence, clarity, and self-forgiveness they need to channel their own presence into the moment, where they can facilitate their own realizations and breakthroughs.

  • The key to coaching - and living - with peak passion, purpose, and productivity: Discover the steps to rewiring your mind for limitless focus and momentum - which you can then channel into your coaching sessions, your coaching business, and even other dimensions of your life.

By the end of Month 2, you’ll emerge with a powerful mastery of your own presence and mind which in turn allows you to create safe spaces for emotional breakthroughs and realizations both for yourself and your clients.


Bioengineering Beyond Belief, Sculpting New Identities: This month, you will venture into the fascinating realm of bioengineering – the science and art of shaping new identities. By understanding the building blocks of a person's self-image and the challenges they face in positive change, you'll be equipped to empower them to rewrite their own stories.

You will discover:

  • The Ultimate Habit Transformation Formula: Ditch stubborn habits and unlock lasting freedom. This step-by-step process rewires your clients' minds, replacing unwanted impulses with empowering choices.

  • Unleashing the Superhuman Switch: Learn to activate a flow state in any client's body and brain. Watch them tap into extraordinary productivity and performance, leaving overwhelm and frustration behind.

  • The Power of a New Persona: Master the art of bioengineering to permanently shift a client's self-identity. It's not just about feeling like a new person – it's about thinking and performing like one too.

By the end of Month 3, you'll be a bioengineering virtuoso, wielding the tools to awaken lasting transformations in your clients. You'll empower them to reframe their perceptions, rewrite their narratives, and experience a life beyond their wildest dreams.


Transcendence through Connectedness and the 6-Phase Meditation System. Your final month culminates in a profound expansion of your coaching skills and your own consciousness. You'll learn to forge connections beyond the individual, tapping into inner wisdom, collective consciousness, and even divine guidance. This is where you will also become a certified teacher of the 6-Phase Meditation System, Mindvalley founder Vishen's acclaimed path to peak performance.

This month, you will unlock:

  • Living a Purpose-Driven Life: Most, even with expert coaching, struggle to define and embody their purpose. This framework will help you facilitate the answer to one of life's biggest questions with clarity and speed.

  • Channeling the Universe's Whispers: Learn to solve seemingly impossible problems, receive crystal-clear guidance, and access a limitless reservoir of wisdom and creation by connecting to a Source beyond yourself.

  • Mastering the 6-Phase Meditation System: Trusted by athletes, CEOs, and celebrities, Vishen's system will become part of your coaching arsenal. You will be fully equipped to guide others towards peak performance and inner transformation.

By the end of Month 4, you will graduate not just as a skilled and empowered coach, but as a leader who can transcend limitations and inspire others to tap into their own limitless potential.


This program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Certified Life Coach as a Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) program with a whopping 42 CCE units. By just doing this one program, most credentialed coaches will be able to complete almost all their continuous learning units for 3 years.

You can learn more about the accreditation here.

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