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Soulvana Is Officially Closing Down
Soulvana Is Officially Closing Down

Soulvana is no longer existing as a subscription

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Soulvana will discontinue to operate as a subscription service starting from May 2022, and there will be no Soulvana programs available for purchase from the Soulvana app or website.

All current Soulvana All Access customers will be automatically upgraded to the Mindvalley Membership subscription, they will have access to an ever-growing library of quests on the Mindvalley platform, as well as programs that are moved over from Soulvana, all at NO extra charge.

To learn more about the Mindvalley Membership subscription, please click HERE

Most of the Soulvana journeys will be moved over to Mindvalley Membership and they will be accessible on the Series page, these are the programs that will be moved over to Mindvalley ;

Dream Life Alchemy

Qi Secret For Youthful Living

Liberating Through Dance

Unlocking The Powers Of Sleep

Transcending Shadows

Mastering Reiki For Personal Transformation


Also, the 2 programs below are currently been remade and will be released as Mindvalley quests

Quantum Jumping into Ideal Life by Burt Goldman

Success Magic by Marie Diamond

Programs that will not be moved over are ;

Love or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon

Mastering the Power of Breath by Niraj Naik

Quantum Health by Juan Pablo Barahona

Manifesting Financial Abundance by Regan Hillyer

Recalling Your Soul Mission by Ashtara Ren

Where to find the Soulvana programs?

The Soulvana programs can now be accessed on the Series page in your Mindvalley account, the Souvana section is titled - "Soulvana: Classes for the Soul"

You can also access the programs directly by clicking HERE

N.B: Please note that the Soulvana apps will be unpublished on the app stores and will no longer be supported. The Soulvana group immersions will now be replaced with a very wide selection of Mindvalley Meditations.

Have more questions?

More FAQS on Mindvalley Membership in this article.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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