You have just unlocked the door to your transformation if you have subscribed to the Mindvalley Membership. This subscription includes over 60 quests and can be purchased either annually or monthly, depending on your preference.

Here’s the current list of programs included in your subscription:

1. Duality by Jeffrey Allen*

2. Superbrain by Jim Kwik*

3. Money EQ by Ken Honda*

4. Super Reading by Jim Kwik*

5. The M Word by Emily Fletcher*

6. Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols*

7. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden*

8. Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith*

9. Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer*

10. Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani*

11. Feng Shui For Life by Marie Diamond*

12. The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler*

13. The Mastery of Sleep by Michael Breus*
14. The Way of The Kettlebell by Steve Cotter

15. Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen*

16. The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield*

17. The 6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

18. Life Visioning Mastery by Michael Beckwith*

19. The Mindvalley Yoga Quest by Cecilia Sardeo

20. Tapping Into Emotional Mastery by Jennifer Partridge

21. Awaken The Species by Neale Donald Walsch*

22. Evolutionary Woman by Barbara Marx Hurbard

23. Conscious Parenting Mastery by Shefali Tsabary*

24. The Quest For Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao*

25. The New Psychology Of Winning by Denis Waitley

26. Total Transformation Training by Christine Bullock

27. Live By Your Own Rules by Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani

28. 7 Days To Breaking Up With Sugar by Eric Edmeades

29. Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas*

30. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance by Marisa Peer*

31. The Silva Ultramind System by Vishen Lakhiani*

32. Everyday Bliss by Paul McKenna

33. Mastering Authentic Networking by Keith Ferrazzi*

34. The Energies of Love by Donna Eden & David Feinstein

35. The Integral Life by Ken Wilber

36. The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain

37. Ultimate Leadership by Keith Ferrazzi

38. 10X by Ronan Diego de Oliveira & Lorenzo Delano

39. Zenward Yoga (located under Series)

40. Experience Lucid Dreaming by Charlie Morley
41. Tantra Touch by Psalm Isadora

42. The Immunity Blueprint by Eric Edmeades

43. Becoming Focused and Indistractable by Nir Eyal

44. Creating Friendship & Deep Connections for Teens with Gahmya Drummond-Bey

45. Becoming More Loving by Gelong Thubten

46. Business Freedom Blueprint by Eric Edmeades

47. Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold

48. Zero to $100 Million by Miki Agrawal

49. Beyond Fasting by Ronan Diego de Oliveira

50. A Yogi's Guide to Joy by Sadhguru

51. Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon

52. Modern Qigong by Lee Holden

53. The Art of Astral Projection by Jade Shaw

54. Total Self- Confidence by Paul McKenna

55. Advanced Home Workouts by Ronan Diego de Oliveira
56. Modern Qi Gong by Lee Holden
57. Mystic Brain by Dawson Church
58. Wild Woman Sensuality by Rachel Pringle

59. A Journey to Infinitheism by Mahatria

60. The Quest for Personal Mastery by Dr. Srikumar Rao

61. Business Freedom Blueprint by Eric Edmeades

62. Zero to $100 Million by Miki Agrawal

63. The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain

64. Ultimate Leadership by Keith Ferrazzi

65. Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold
66. Calling in The One by Katherine Woodward Thomas

67. Magnetic Charisma by Vanessa Van Edwards

68. Be Extraordinary for Teens by Vishen

69. Creating Friendship and Deep Connections for Teens by Gahmya Drummond-Bey

All starred (*) Quests have certificates from the list of programs we offer in this subscription as shown above. You can learn more about certification here. To stay up to update on the upcoming quests in the future, Bookmark this link.

To contact Mindvalley's Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the contact us links.

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