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Mindvalley Certified HoloBody Coach- FAQS
Mindvalley Certified HoloBody Coach- FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this certification included with Mindvalley or Evercoach Membership?

Mindvalley Membership gives you our full curriculum of programs for personal transformation - but certification programs are not included.

Our certification programs are advanced curriculums designed for people who want to master the subject matter, facilitate transformation in others, and gain the option of building a successful coaching career or business by leveraging Mindvalley’s coaching tools, frameworks, and community.

The certifications are not included in any membership and they are supposed to be purchased separately.

How is this certification different from Mindvalley’s other health and fitness programs?

Because it’s a certification program, Holobody takes you deeper into the subject of health and fitness than any of our other programs and Quests. In addition to mastering today’s most effective health and fitness protocols, you are guided through how it all works, how to fully optimize it, and how to rapidly facilitate transformation not just in yourself, but in others. And even in upscaling this skill into a career or business, if you choose to.

This level of mastery is what makes the difference between a fully certified coach, and someone who experiences transformation by studying a program.

What if I have no health coaching experience?

The Holobody Coaching Certification program is designed for coaches and aspiring coaches of all levels - including complete beginners. Even if you currently lack the skills or the confidence, even if you have never built a business or operated as a health professional before, and even if you’ve never coached anyone in your life: the program meets you where you’re at, and guides you through every single step of facilitating life-changing body transformations in yourself and others.

After you’ve completed the four-month program, you will emerge with the health education, the coaching skills, the confidence and motivation, the potential client base, and the business skills you need to build a highly profitable, fulfilling, and impactful body coaching business, if you choose to. Or to become a highly effective coach to yourself and your loved ones, if you prefer to keep things more personal.

Do I need to have graduated from a Mindvalley health and fitness program before joining?

No, the Holobody Certification Program is a complete standalone curriculum that you can take even if this is your first Mindvalley program.

However, we do especially encourage Mindvalley health and fitness graduates to consider becoming a certified coach - because if you have completed any of our programs, you will have firsthand experience of how transformational they can be.

I have a busy schedule - what happens if I need to miss some of the weekly training?

Not to worry: you can catch up on your weekly training videos when you get the time.

All live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time even if you miss one.

The entire coaching program is designed to be flexible and adaptable - so as long as you stay consistent and focused on the big picture, you will get all the support you need to reach the finish line.

What time will the live meetings happen, and will they be available in my timezone?

Live sessions will take place in the early morning in the US, noon in Europe, and evening in Asia & Oceania. All live Q&A sessions are recorded and uploaded to our Circle platform, so you can watch them at any time, even if you miss one.

What if I can’t finish the certification?

We are here to support you every step of the way. As long as you block out 2-3 hours/week, which includes the time needed for the weekly live calls, you will be fine. Our previous coaching certification programs saw 95% completion rates among all students - and we are confident the vast majority of aspiring coaches will make it to the finish line with Holobody too.

Is my deposit refundable if I change my mind or don’t get accepted?

We want you to be overjoyed with your experience. That is why we are giving you 15 days (from the start of the program) to decide if it is for you. If it is not for any reason - even if you just can’t spare the time for the weekly sessions, and, in the unlikely event your application is not successful, your deposit will be automatically and promptly refunded.

To contact the Mindvalley Certification customer support team directly, you can write to us via

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