Our mission is to put a Lifebook into the hands of a million people worldwide.

Why? Because we believe that the overall improvement in human consciousness that Lifebook produces will create a ripple effect throughout the world for the better.

Because of this, we are offering the possibility to qualify for a full refund after completion of our Lifebook Online program, the first step to living your Lifebook lifestyle.

How does it work?

Step 1. Enroll in the Lifebook Online program between September 2nd and 19th.

Step 2. Join the September 19th cohort.

Step 3. Complete the Lifebook Online program by October 28th.

Step 4. Request the refund after completion from October 31st to November 4th.

Only if you complete the 4 steps you will qualify for the Lifebook Online full refund after completion. The refunds will be processed between Nov 7th to 11th.

Bonuses Included

  1. 6x Live Coaching Calls with Jon & Missy.

    This is a priceless opportunity to learn and grow with the creators of Lifebook themselves, as they keep you on track through each Lifebook category. You’ll gain extra lifestyle design insights and tools from the two people who most deeply embody the Lifebook philosophy in every dimension of their lives.

  2. Handpicked Pages From Jon’s Personal Lifebook

    “Can I see what your Lifebook looks like?” - is one of the most frequent requests Jon and Missy get from curious Lifebook students. So, for a dose of instant inspiration, you’ll get access to selected pages from Jon’s personal Lifebook with his most empowering strategies and visions for various key areas of life.

    You can download them on Intro 7 of your Lifebook Online program.

  3. Digital Lifebook access

    The Lifebook creation process is now fully digital for your maximum convenience. Once you’re done, you can then access it at any time with the click of a button - and keep it updated and optimized with just a few more. To learn more about the Digital Lifebook please click here.


  • The refund after completion offer is only available for the September 19th cohort.

  • If you decide to request your refund after completion, you will lose access to the Lifebook Online program on the Mindvalley platform. The program videos won’t be available anymore, however, you’ll get to keep your Lifebook templates and other resources you downloaded during the program. Your personal Lifebook is yours to keep.

  • If you decide not to ask for a refund after completion, you will have lifetime access to the Lifebook Online program.

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To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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