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Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach Program

Januray 2023- All questions answered around Mindvalley's 10x Coach certification

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The 10X Coach™ Certification is a 12-week online exercise coaching certification designed to help 10X enthusiasts master the 10X method in both a personal & professional capacity.

  • Learn more about Mindvalley's Certified 10x Coach Curriculum here.

Is the program accredited?

We're currently examining the different options for our coaches to be certified in the field that best matches their capabilities - and we’ll be applying for accreditation upon completion of the batch of certifications.

To date, we already have accredited certifications including Certified Business Coach - and although we cannot yet make a concrete promise on the rest, we’re confident in the process.

What is the application process like?

  1. If you're an interested coach you must first submit a $200 deposit to reserve your spot for this certification program.

  2. After having paid the $200 deposit for the Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach program, you will be sent an application form to your email inbox ( please check spam/ junk folders as well)

  3. The form will consist of a few questions that will help to determine how your goals, lifestyle, and habits fit with the Certified Coach journey.

  4. After submitting your application our team will review it and get back to you within 1 week. If approved, you'll be asked to enroll in the program with further instructions. If not, your deposit will be refunded to you within a week

What is the refund policy for this program?

All rejected applicants will receive a refund of their deposit within 1 week of being rejected.

For everyone who is approved and purchases the certification program, the standard Mindvalley Guarantee of 15 days from the program start date applies.

Do you have more questions? Checkout our FAQs and find your answers

You can apply for this program on this page.

To contact Mindvalley Coach's customer support team directly, you can write to us via

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