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Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach Program- Curriculum
Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach Program- Curriculum

What's part of the Certification Program? Here's a snapshot of the Curriculum.

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What is 10X Coaching?

The 10X Coach™ Certification is a 12-week online exercise coaching certification designed to help 10X enthusiasts master the 10X method in both a personal & professional capacity.

How is it different than any other certification program?

The 10X Coach Certification is the 1st exercise certification to qualify its coaches in all 6 hallmark skills necessary to become a complete modern exercise coach: to make a living changing people’s bodies in a measurable way from the comfort of their own homes.

At the end of 12 weeks of your 10X certification, you will learn how to...

  • Personal transformation: ...diagnose & transform your own body’s strength, endurance, muscle mass, body fat, & bone health by mastering the 10X method for yourself first.

  • Professional training: ...master the 6 hallmark exercise coaching skills as both an online & in-person coach necessary to become a complete & successful modern exercise coach

    • Skill #1: Body Diagnosis

      • The ability to test, interpret, & score a person’s 10X body status & set the appropriate 10X body goals.

    • Skill #2: Program Design

      • The ability to select the right 10X program for your client & adapt it to their lifestyle preferences & existing exercise schedule.

    • Skill #3: Workout Analysis

      • The ability to analyze & adjust (correct or progress) a person’s 10X routine performance in intensity, variety, & volume.

    • Skill #4: Exercise Instruction

      • The ability to present, teach, or explain the 10X 1) value-proposition, 2) principles (exercise & 10X), 3) strategies, & 4) methodology to others.

    • Skill #5: 10X Teaching

      • The ability to 1) demonstrate, 2) correct, & 3) modify the alpha, beta, & gamma exercises for others online & in person.

    • Skill #6: Client Accountability

      • The ability to maximize client compliance through the use of both 1) automated & 2) ad-hoc support & communication systems for optimal client management.

What does the Training Curriculum look like?






The Foundations of Powerful Coaching

How to build a solid long-term relationship with your clients as a coach, become a powerful presence in their lives, and ask the right questions that facilitate breakthroughs and transformation with ease.


Understanding the 10X Method

Learn the principles, strategies, and science of 10X including how to implement it from scratch for your clients.


10X Fitness Prescriptions

Discover how to diagnose, design, and analyze 10x workouts online and in person for your clients.


10X Coaching Business

How to build your 10X coaching business in a sustainably profitable way including your demonstrations, offers, communication, and compliance.

Read more on how to apply & sign up for Mindvalley Certified 10X Coach here.

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