How to Join the Referral Program

Everything you need to know about the referral program and how it works.

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The Mindvalley Referral Program is a great way to share the Mindvalley experience with your friends and family and get rewarded at the same time. All you have to do is share your unique referral link - your friends will get $100 off to start their annual subscription and if they stay with us for over 15 days, you’ll get $100 off automatically applied in your next billing cycle.

Please note that the referral program is currently in the initial phase of rollout, accessible to a limited number of existing Mindvalley Membership students. Our team is actively working on extending this feature to all Mindvalley Membership members in the future. It's important to mention that this does not apply to Mindvalley Membership Pro.

The referral link can be found on the Referrals tab on your profile as shown below.

There are multiple ways of sharing the referral link with your friends and family, including email and social networking platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

As seen below, you can send your referral link together with a message to a single person or a group of people. Your message can be customised to what you want to share with them as well as your current experience with Mindvalley programs.

What happens once you share your referral link with others?

Once your invitees receive your referral link, they will be able to sign up for the annual Mindvalley Membership with a $100 discount. If they sign up using your link and stay subscribed for more than 15 days, you’ll get a $100 reward that will be automatically applied in your next billing cycle.

How can you find out about the status of your referrals?

From the referral page below, you can track your earned credits and check the status of your referrals. When someone you referred signs up for annual membership using your link, the referral will show up in your account with the status of “Pending”. If your invitee stays subscribed for more more than 15 days, the status will change to “Confirmed” and your reward will be automatically applied in your next billing cycle.

All referral rewards that have already been applied will be marked as “Applied” in your account.

What can you do with your earned credits?

Any credits that you’ve earned through your referral link that have the status of “Confirmed” will be automatically applied in your next billing cycle. Should your accumulated credits exceed the cost of your membership, the extra credits will carry over and be applied to your subsequent billing cycle.

Can I use the reward for other purchases in Mindvalley?

Currently the referral reward can only be applied to your Mindvalley membership. However, we're working on extending the program to other products in the near future.

Do your referrals receive offers when they use your referral link?

Yes, they do and the offer will be shown as below.

To contact Mindvalley's Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the contact us links.

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