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How to find your programs, subscriptions and community information on your Mindvalley account

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We are constantly updating Mindvalley Home to make it easier for you to navigate your Quests and Community. If you're new to Mindvalley, please read this article first on how to log into your Mindvalley account before you proceed.

Let's get started:

When you log in to your Mindvalley account, you'll see the navigation bar at the top of your account's webpage. This bar serves as your gateway to accessing various tabs, each of which we'll elaborate on in detail below.

You'll notice the following icons at the top right corner:

​1. Search bar: use this to look for any programs, meditations or series you want to start or access

​2. Notifications bell: to stay informed of the most recent news and announcements

3. Profile Picture: to access account settings, library, favorites, account language, support or to log out of your account


Your Today page is now called Home.


Here, you can explore more than 120 Programs that are part of Mindvalley Membership.​

Within this tab, you can navigate to specific sections like "For You," featuring Quests selected based on your interests or "Popular" showcasing trending Quests for the week. Additionally, explore the "Coming Soon" section to discover upcoming Quests that are yet to be released. You can also browse programs by categories.

In the 3rd column, you can find:

  1. All your Favorites, including lessons and meditations you’ve marked for a redo. To learn more about how to mark your favourite lesson, click here.

  2. My Completed Programs — only shows if you have completed any programs

  3. Meet The Trainers — get to know the great minds behind the Mindvalley programs

  4. Series — only visible to members


Become a member to unlock the full community experience! The Community tab now encompasses everything that you used to find under Connect, Live and Insights. Also, we’ve renamed Live to Events to reflect more clearly what you can find on that page: Great live and online events!

Additionally, you can explore Stories — almost 22,000 transformation Stories shared by Mindvalley members. We’ve also made it easier to access your own posts, Events you’ve RSVP-ed to. Finally, you can now easily start to write your own Insights or submit your Stories. To learn more about the Community, clickhere.​


Discover Lifebook, a program that guides you to design & achieve your vision of success in all 12 dimensions of your life, as well as the free Lifebook Assessment.

Find a Coach
Be coached by the greatest minds.
Reach your personal and professional milestones with the help of Mindvalley Certified Coaches. 

Become a Coach:
Explore our coaching certifications: Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Holobody Coaching and Nutrition Coaching. 


If you have purchased Mindvalley Coach Certifications or Evercoach programs, then you will see the "Coach" tab. Here, you can acquire the knowledge and expertise to thrive in your coaching business journey. Whether you're seeking guidance from a suitable coach to navigate this new path or aiming to become a certified coach yourself, you'll find the resources and support you need to succeed.


The Lifebook tab is your gateway to designing and achieving your vision of success in 12 dimensions of your Life. Within this, you'll find several links, including the actual Quest "Lifebook Online", "Lifebook Mastery" and "My Digital Lifebook" where you can write your personal lifebook You can read more here.

Additionally, there's the "Lifebook Assessment", where you can track your progress before and after the Quest. To learn more about the Lifebook Assessment, click here.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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