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First feel free to search for instant answers on our Support Center FAQs page. We covered all of the frequently asked questions and 80% of our customers can already find answers to their questions there.

You can contact Customer Support through your preferred method of communication (Whatsapp or iMessage) or by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right hand corner of the main page of our Support Center.

(Note: The buttons might take a while to load and will appear on the page within 10s)

We may sometimes be late to respond due to a high amount of customer inquiries (and take 48+ hours), however, we do promise to get back to you as soon as we are able. Please also note that our customer support agents do not generally work during the weekend and this may cause a delay in your response.

Other enquiries beyond customer support?

This page provides contact details for any question or proposal you may have outside our regular customer support, such as: becoming a Mindvalley teacher, corporate programs, Mindvalley Schools, workplace culture, reaching out to Vishen, partnerships, affiliates, press, and careers.

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