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The Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment
The Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment

Take our Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment to gain insight and clarity for your life!

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Developed over 10 years' worth of research and fine-tuning, the Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment was created by Lifebook founders, Jon and Missy Butcher, to help Lifebook students gain some clarity on 12 dimensions of their life, all within 20 minutes!

Click the button below to take the free Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment! 

You will be shown a series of statements that pertain to your current lifestyle in 12 different life categories or dimensions: health and fitness, intellectual life, emotional life, character, spiritual life, love relationship, parenting, social life, financial life, career, quality of life, and life vision.

You will be asked how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement.

When you are finished with the Intra-Spect Assessment, it will calculate your scores and present you with a detailed Report of Findings. Inside your unique report, you’ll discover:

  • Your Life Quotient: a single number, personal to you, which objectively quantifies your self-assessed, overall quality of life.

  • A detailed analysis of where you are in each of the 12 life dimensions.

  • Personalized recommendations to help you improve from here.

All of the information you share with us is completely private and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I not see all 12 categories in my results?

The results are generated based on your profile at the start of the assessment. There are 2 categories that might get no results according to your answer:

Love Relationship category if you selected "Single" in your Relationship Status.

Parenting category if you selected “I do not have children” in your Parent Status.

If you would like to view all 12 categories in your results, feel free to select a different option for your Love Relationship and Parenting categories.

2. How do I see my past results?

When you take the Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment, all your results will be automatically saved to your Mindvalley account, provided that you used the same email address to take it as you did to sign up. 

To view your past results, you can either go to or you can select Dashboard from the dropdown on the top-right corner.

From the Dashboard page, you can see all your previous results and get a link to each of their reports.

3. How do I retake the assessment?

To retake your assessment, just visit and log into your account. You will immediately be taken to a new assessment.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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