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What does Coaching Mastery subscription include?
What does Coaching Mastery subscription include?
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Coaching Mastery is an ongoing, in-depth training designed to support you in mastering ALL aspects of your coaching business you need to create extraordinary success.

This subscription contains training from over 50+ coaches.

It includes:

  • The New Coach Track: A step by step program that consists of 10 Mini Quests, helping you to reach the 3 main milestones any new coach is facing:

-Coaching Your First 50 People

-Creating your first 10 paying clients

-Making your first $10,000 as a coach

  • The Coaching Mastery Channel:

with 100 hours of Coaching Demonstrations, Business Playbooks, Further Mini Quests and an abundance of tools to use with your clients

  • The Master's Circle Channel:

With 200 hours of content around upgrading You, Your Methodology and Your Business

  • Monthly Live Calls with Ajit Nawalkha

  • Weekly Live Peer Coaching Sessions to upgrade your skills

  • Plus new releases every month

What's not part of Coaching Mastery?

  • Individual Evercoach quests like Being an Exponential Coach, Impacting Leaders, Unleashed etc, are not included in the subscription.

  • Our Certification Program (Certified Business Coach) is not part of Coaching Mastery

  • Mindvalley programs are also not part of the subscription. Likewise Coaching Mastery is not available for Mindvalley Membership subscribers

Where can I get the latest and best offer on Coaching Mastery?

Take a look at this page for the latest offer

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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