A-Fest Colombia 2023 Packing Guide

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What is the dress code?

During the day, wear something comfortable and casual. Something you can move around in.

During the evening events, pretty much anything goes. Pack dresses and heels if you are feeling inspired, or feel free to pack a shirt and dress pants if you wish… it’s totally up to you!

And make sure you save some room for your party costumes. You’ll receive information on the costume party once we announce the theme party.

Also, each morning we’ll have yoga/fitness or meditation classes. Make sure you pack exercise-friendly clothing and shoes if you want to join in. We recommend bringing your own yoga mat though the hotel will offer towels for those who don’t have a mat.

  • Casual dress for the day

  • Party / evening wear

  • Costumes

  • Exercise gear

  • Yoga mat (*optional)

What should I bring with me?

The most important thing is a positive attitude and the willingness to have a lot of fun! As always we’ll have epic theme parties happening at A-Fest and we’ll make sure to let you know what costume you should bring.

Where can I get more information?

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

Useful facts about traveling to Colombia

  • You’ll need a visa to enter Colombia. Check here if you are eligible for an Entry Visa granted by Colombian Migration at the international port of arrival, and which is intended for foreigners with nationalities that do not require a visa for a short stay in the country.

If you are not eligible for an Entry Visa, you need to apply for a visa through the online platform. The visa that must be requested to participate in an event is Visitor Visa Events. The price of the visa is $177 USD.

  • Travel insurance is essential.

  • The average high temperature in May in Cartagena, Colombia, is 31°C, while the average low temperature is 26°C.

  • The official language in Colombia is Spanish.

  • The local currency is the Colombian Peso (COP).

  • Time zone in Colombia is GMT-5.

  • In Colombia the power plug sockets are of type A and B. Type A is mainly used in North and Central America, China, and Japan. This socket only works with plug A. Type B is like type A but with an extra prong for grounding. This socket also works with plug A.

In Colombia, the standard voltage is 110 V and the frequency is 60 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Colombia if the standard voltage in your country is between 110 - 127 V (as is in the US, Canada, and most South American countries).

If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 220 - 240 V (as is in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia), you need a voltage converter in Colombia. Some say you can carefully try to use your appliances in Colombia without a converter. Most likely they won't be damaged, but may not function optimally. If you don't want to take any chances, use a converter.

- It is advisable to drink bottled water. Better safe than sorry.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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