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Everything you need to know about Real Estate, Trading, Entrepreneurial & Total Wealth Mastery programs.

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This guide is designed to provide you with detailed information about our Financial Mastery programs, including Real Estate Mastery, Trading Mastery, Entrepreneurial Mastery, and the Total Wealth Mastery bundle. Whether you're interested in purchasing or have already enrolled, this resource will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.


Our Financial Mastery Programs are designed to empower individuals in the realms of Real Estate, Trading, and Entrepreneurship.

  • Real Estate Mastery: Dive into the world of real estate with a focus on strategies and tools to build a diversified real estate portfolio across international borders, strategies that go beyond traditional financing providing you with the

    tools and knowledge to fund your real estate ventures and strategies for consistent cash flow.

  • Trading Mastery: Explore the intricacies of trading, from understanding markets to executing strategic trades. Master both Forex and Crypto markets, learn about commodity spread trading and how to build wealth strategically with ETFs and indexes.

  • Entrepreneurial Mastery: Hone your entrepreneurial skills and explore automation techniques to streamline operations, uncover strategies for scaling up, building a high-performance team, and fostering continuous growth. Discover how to assess your team’s performance and effectiveness, reshape your organizational structure, and implement effective methods for evaluation and rewarding contributions. Uncover the methodologies for valuating businesses, understanding legal

    intricacies, and structuring deals effectively.

  • Total Wealth Mastery (Bundle): For a comprehensive financial education, opt for the Total Wealth Mastery bundle, including all three programs.


You can find more information on each of the programs in the brochures below.


To embark on your financial mastery journey, express your interest by filling out our Enrollment Form. A dedicated sales representative will then contact you to provide checkout links and guide you through the purchase process.

Curriculum & Schedule

Each program features a curated curriculum delivered through weekend training sessions, with each session lasting approximately 16 hours. The structure includes three weekend seminars, totaling 48 hours of training, along with an additional 4 hours of coaching. Choose from two seminar cycles, starting in January 2024. Refer to the Schedule for specific dates.

Resources & Recordings

All program materials, Zoom live call access links, resources, and session recordings will be available on the Mindvalley platform in each specific Quest.

Session recordings will be uploaded one week after each session and will be accessible for a period of three months. However, we highly encourage customers to participate in live sessions whenever possible. The true transformational power lies in the live experience, where they can engage with our experts, ask questions, and connect with fellow participants.


For any inquiries or assistance, please contact our support team via Support Center or by writing to us on

Embark on your journey to financial mastery with our comprehensive programs. We look forward to guiding you toward success!

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