What is Lifebook Mastery?

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This is the next step in your Lifebook journey, recommended after completing the Lifebook Online program to help you turn your life vision into reality.

Since December 2020, the Lifebook Mastery program is no longer offered in Mindvalley, as it's now hosted on Jon & Missy's The Lifebook Company platform through their subscription program Lifebook Mastery Membership.

Nevertheless, all students who enrolled in the Lifebook Mastery program before December 2020, will have lifetime access to it in their Mindvalley account.

Mindvalley has the Lifebook Mastery program available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian for all students who complete the Lifebook Online program in any of these languages.

What is Lifebook Mastery?

With Lifebook Online you will create your Premise, your Vision, your Purpose, and your Strategy in the 12 life dimensions. Lifebook Mastery will help you turn that Life Vision into reality by creating a powerful action plan and taking focused, effective action toward your Life Vision.

The Lifebook Mastery program will help you achieve it through two simple steps:

Aligning your GOALS with your Life Vision.

We will help you identify the most important GOALS – your highest leverage points – upon which your Life Vision rests, and then help you break them down into smaller goals so you can start moving powerfully toward your Life Vision immediately.

Aligning your DAILY HABITS with your Life Vision.

We will help you define the HABITS – your small daily behaviors – that will most effectively support your goals so that you can become the person who gets the life you want, every time. We’ll also help you install those habits into your daily life – and track your progress.

If Lifebook Online allowed you to envision your dream life, then Lifebook Mastery is the secret key to unlocking that dream life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I enroll in the Lifebook Mastery program?

If you completed the Lifebook Online program, you can continue with the Lifebook Mastery Membership at Jon & Missy's The Lifebook Company platform. Please click here to subscribe to it.

If you completed the Lifebook Online program in any other language you will find the link to enroll in the Lifebook Mastery program on the Lesson "The Journey Continues".

2. What’s included in Lifebook Mastery?

  • Lifebook Mastery Goal-Achievement Training Videos: 6 powerful training videos where Jon helps you create a detailed action plan where you align your Goals and Habits with your Life Vision. You can watch the videos at your own pace, and it will take just a tiny fraction of the time it took to complete Lifebook Online.

  • Goal & Habit Tracking Tools & Templates: Each training video is enhanced by editable workbooks or tracking templates. These simple yet effective tools will help you organize your goals and habits, along with helping you track your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly progress.

3. When does Lifebook Mastery start?

You can start Lifebook Mastery at any time you want and all the content will already be unlocked for you. So you can go through the videos at your best convenience.

4. How much time will I need for Lifebook Mastery?

There are a total of 6 videos in the Lifebook Mastery program. Each video of Lifebook Mastery takes between 1 - 1.5 hours.

Lifebook Mastery is not meant to be a program where you’re “done” after watching it once. It’s a program you would want to keep revisiting each week/month/quarter as you create or update your action plan to turn your Life Vision into a reality.

5. Is there a Lifebook Mastery Tribe?

Yes, there is a Lifebook Mastery tribe that you can access by clicking on "Go to Community" in your Lifebook Mastery program. There are no community managers or program Ambassadors, but you can still share with other Lifebookers.

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