What is Mindvalley Membership Pro?

We have recently launched a new subscription called Mindvalley Membership Pro during our Mindvalley Summit in June 2021.

In addition to all programs and content included in the regular Mindvalley Membership, Mindvalley Membership Pro has two additional unique advantages to help accelerate your personal growth:

  • Monthly coaching calls with Vishen Lakhiani and special guests, and

  • Access to your Mastermind and Peer networking group

Comparison of features: Mindvalley Membership vs Mindvalley Membership Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between Mindvalley Membership and Membership Pro?

In addition to all the benefits of a regular Membership, Mindvalley Membership Pro gives you a selection of additional features designed to accelerate your transformation, and amplify your focus and accountability as you grow towards your goals.

  • You get access to a monthly live coaching with Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani, where you’ll get unsurpassed access to his mind, his latest discoveries, and his advanced teachings in the field of personal growth - all in an intimate inner circle setting designed for maximum interaction and transformation.

  • You get a placement in your Peer Network, where you’ll gain the opportunity to connect and co-create with a curated group of high-quality peers who share your career path and mission.

If you’re looking to grow as fast and efficiently as humanly possible, and if you’re looking to achieve a particularly big or audacious goal - we highly recommend upgrading to Mindvalley Membership Pro.

2. If I am already a Mindvalley Member, how do I upgrade to Mindvalley Membership Pro?

For existing Mindvalley Members, click on 'Upgrade Your Membership' offer on this link to upgrade your Membership to Pro. You're given a 1-year unlimited access to Membership Pro alongside your existing Membership for just $499/first year, renewed at $999/year.

Wherever you are in your current regular membership, no matter how many months you have left, the special upgrade of $499/first year renews you for a whole new year.

Once you upgrade to Mindvalley Membership Pro, your basic Membership subscription will be automatically cancelled by our system. This ensures you are not double billed in your next billing period. Rest assured your program access and Membership Pro are not affected.

3. If I'm an existing Mindvalley Member, how is the billing going to work?

The $499/first year upgrade to Mindvalley Membership Pro renews you for a whole year. Once you purchase the upgrade, your current regular membership will be cancelled (you may log on to the Billing section of your account to ensure this is cancelled).

The billing period of your new Mindvalley Membership Pro will begin from your new purchase date again for another 12 months.

If your existing Mindvalley Membership is an in-app purchase, i.e. purchased through the Mindvalley app, you would need to manually cancel the subscription by yourself in the billing section of your app store account. Please follow the guides below that may help.

How to cancel your subscription in your app store account -

Google Play Store / iOS Apple Store

4. What are the advantages of being an existing Mindvalley Member and purchasing the upgrade?

Let's take a look at an example -

John has a regular Mindvalley Membership set to auto-renew on October 1, 2021. He wants to upgrade to Mindvalley Membership Pro.

If John purchases the Membership Pro upgrade on July 1, he pays $499 for the upgrade and his new Membership Pro subscription begins from his purchase date i.e. on July 1 (It will auto-renew at $999 on July 1, 2022 if he doesn't cancel the subscription).

His current regular Mindvalley Membership will be cancelled once he purchases the upgrade on July 1.

So what's the advantage of the upgrade?

So effectively, John has purchased Membership Pro at $499/first year instead of the normal price of $999/year for non-members. Since he had 3 months left in his existing regular Membership, this would be:

$499 x 3/12 months = $125 unused months in existing Membership

$999 - $499 special for existing members = $500 saved from the upgrade

Effectively, John saves $375 ($500 - $125) from the upgrade.

So no matter where your current regular Membership is at, the upgrade option is still cheaper than the normal $999/year price.

5. What if I'm currently not a Mindvalley Member?

You can become a Mindvalley Pro member by clicking on 'Get Membership Pro' offer on this link. You'll be charged $999 annually (excluding any applicable taxes). Billed automatically every year unless you cancel the subscription.

6. Will the recording be available if I can't make it to the live coaching sessions?

Yes. All recordings will be available in your Mindvalley Account for 60 days from when the call is uploaded. This is because techniques used in these calls are exclusively used by facilitators in their 1-on-1 coaching or teachings.

Recordings are uploaded at most 7 days from when the call took place. So if you missed a live call, you would need to wait a few days until the call is uploaded. This is located under the Series tab in your account.

Click on My Programs > Series > Scroll down the page to Live Talks and Workshops.

7. Do you offer payment/monthly plans for Mindvalley Membership Pro?

No, currently we only accept the single annual payment and do not have payment plans.

8. When will the live calls be held?

The monthly live calls with Vishen and special guests will be held on the first Monday of each month at 6PM GMT+3 / 11PM GMT+8 timezone.

9. What is the refund policy?

15 days from purchase date.

If you are an existing Mindvalley member and have upgraded to Pro, if within the 15 days from upgrade you decide Pro is not for you and you want to stick to basic membership, you may request for a refund for your Pro Membership. If your basic membership has been previously cancelled, you may purchase it again after the end of your billing period.

Rest assured all your programs and progress are not affected.

10. Can I decide to turn off auto-renew for the next year?

Yes, you can. You may follow this article to cancel the auto-renew of your subscription.

If your Pro membership was purchased via Mindvalley app, please log into your App store account to cancel the subscription. You may follow this article.

Once cancelled, you have access to your programs, peer networking groups, live call recordings until the end of your current billing period.

11. How much extra time do I need for coaching calls in Membership Pro?

The live coaching calls are held on the first Monday of every month for 1 hour only, so you only need an hour for calls every month.

12. What's the difference between Premium Coaching and Mindvalley Membership Pro? Why can't I access the Premium Coaching calls under the Live section of my Pro account?

Do note that Premium Coaching is a separate subscription from Mindvalley Membership Pro. Premium Coaching offers 1-on-1 coaching with your personal coach, whereas Membership Pro offers group sessions with Vishen and guest speakers. The coaching experience in Premium Coaching is more tailored and personal to your growth and goals.

If you are a Premium Coaching student, you have access to all Membership Pro live calls, but Membership Pro does not include Premium Coaching calls.

13. Where do I find upcoming live calls?

All Live Events are located under the Today tab in your Mindvalley account.

Click on the Today tab, then scroll all the way down and you'll find the Live Events section:

Clicking on the event takes you straight to the Zoom call, so you may log on when the call starts. The dates and time are stated in your local timezone.

If you miss a live call and want to catch the recording, these are uploaded under the Series tab under My Programs.

14. Where can I find more info and details about my peer networking groups and upcoming live calls?

All upcoming live calls, surveys and details on your peer networking groups are sent out via email to you. Please check the junk/spam/promotions folders in your email inbox to ensure these emails have not ended up there. If you haven't received the email for the Survey, please submit your Survey here and our team will allocate you to your Mastermind group.

If you've just joined the Mindvalley Membership Pro program and haven't received emails about the peer networking group and survey yet, these will be sent out to you in a few business days as the emails follow a journey.

Do check that you've signed up with the correct email address and you are checking the correct email inbox.

15. I'm not happy with my Mastermind group. Can I change groups?

If for any reasons you're not happy with the group you're currently in, please submit this form and our team will do our best to allocate you to a different group.

16. I bought Mindvalley Membership Pro in a different language from English. Do I have access to English programs? What about peer networking groups?

If you purchased Mindvalley Membership Pro in another language, you still have access to programs in all other languages.

You also have access to the same live coaching calls with Vishen and guest speakers as Membership Pro. Do note that the calls will take place in English and recordings will be translated into different languages.

The peer networking groups are available in different languages depending on your preference.

17. What if I want to access programs of different languages?

We're glad to inform you that you may now switch between languages under one subscription now.

Under the My Programs tab in your account, you may switch between languages to find programs in different languages.

18. I bought 10X/Holobody Coaching Certifications, does that include access to Mindvalley Membership Pro?

No, they are completely separate programs. Coaching certification is part of Evercoach and is a sub-branch of Mindvalley, this does not include Mindvalley Membership Pro and vice versa.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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