As we continue to upgrade and change our programs for Mindvalley Membership, we have sent an email to all our members stating that the program Hero. Genius. Legend. by Robin Sharma is no longer available under the Mindvalley Membership subscription from Aug 15, 2021 onwards.

An email was sent out in early July 2021 to all Mindvalley members stating that this program will be removed on Aug 15, 2021 and will no longer be available on our platform.

The email was entitled Hero. Genius. Legend. (Available until Aug 15), an example email below -

If you're looking to complete the program, unfortunately we are no longer granting access to this program as it has been discontinued on Mindvalley.

Rest assured we continue to add more programs within the Mindvalley Membership and Mindvalley Membership Pro.

If you have previously purchased this program individually, you have lifetime access to it.

We no longer sell this program on our Mindvalley platform moving forward.

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