How to select your Learning Mode

Discover the 2 different learning modes you have within your Quest

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We understand how time and schedules can be different for all of you, so we've created a feature to assist you to pick the learning mode that best suits you.

Please note this is NOT Applicable for WildFit and the programs that are perpetual.

There are 2 ways to take your Quest, you can join a class and have each lesson unlock everyday at midnight UTC timing or you can take it on your own pace and have all your lessons unlocked immediately.

Here are the steps on how to pick a learning mode that works best for you:

1. Go to the Quest you wish to start, click on "Start The Program".

2. Choose Your Learning Mode, whether its "Join a Class" or "Go At Your Own Pace"

3. After you picked " Join a Class", click on "Continue".

4. Select the preferred date, click on "Join Class" and you can start with your group.

The second option, as shown below is to take your Quest at your own pace at any time without following any groups. Once you click on "Continue" all the lessons will be unlocked immediately and you can access them at any time.

Great! Now you have successfully unlocked your lessons and you can start when you are ready!

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