New to Mindvalley Membership?

The Mindvalley Membership is an annual subscription program which gives you access to most Mindvalley Quests and to new ones which we will continue to add. You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning. You can find more information on this here.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Mindvalley Membership:

1. What is a Quest?

"Quest" is what we call programs at Mindvalley. These quests last on average 30-35 days, with a lesson unlocking each day.

2. What is the difference between purchasing Mindvalley Membership and an individual Quest only?

A single Quest costs more than half of Mindvalley Membership. On the other hand, with Mindvalley Membership you get access to all the programs in this collection.

With the purchase of an individual Quest, you will have lifetime access to that Quest whereas the subscription you will only have access to your Quests for as long as your subscription remains active. If you wish to cancel this in the future, you will no longer have access to your Quests under the subscriptions including the ones you've completed.

3. Will I have access to the full programs plus bonuses if I purchased Mindvalley Membership?

Yes, all bonuses are included within the programs, you'll be able to find them as you go through the lessons. You'll have access to the full programs under Mindvalley Membership, as you would if you were to purchase them individually.

4. Apart from Quests, what are the other benefits of this subscription?

  • Meditation previously known as Omvana + Mindvalley Membership meditations on Omvana app (Android / iOS)

  • Connections App (refer to this article)

  • Frequent Live Calls with Authors

  • Mindvalley Mentoring with Vishen Lakhiani

  • Access to Be Extraordinary Seminar

  • Little Humans

  • Zenward Yoga

5. Connections App, how can this help me with my journey?

On this app, you'll be able to connect with Mindvalley Membership students across the globe, and with those near you based on your location.

You'll be able to conveniently browse through upcoming live calls with authors, and add them to your calendar. These are located under My Series tab. You can expand your network and organize meet ups with students near you to enhance your learning experience with Mindvalley :) For more details on the Connections App, please refer to this article.

6. How can I access my Quest if I purchased it together with Mindvalley Membership?

All your Quests will be bundled together with all the other quests, including WildFit and Lifebook.

  • Click on the My Programs Tab on your Mindvalley Account.

  • Under My Programs Tab, there are two sections Programs and Series.

  • You can also scroll down the page and expand your list of programs by clicking on Show All.

  • Your programs are arranged alphabetically. Click on the programs of your choice.

  • Then, select a start date to begin your lessons. More information on starting a quest can be found in this article.

7. Do you offer Instalments and payments plans for Mindvalley Membership?

Currently, we do not offer any instalment/payment plans for the Mindvalley Membership, so we're unable to break the annual payments up into instalment.

We do have monthly subscription plans available, but if you're interested in a year-long personal growth program, the annual subscription is more worth it!

8. If I purchased the Mindvalley Membership on the Mindvalley app, would I have the same access to quests and programs?

Yes. You would have access to exactly the same programs on the app and our Mindvalley website.

9. Will I still have access to my Mindvalley Membership after I cancel the auto-renew of my subscription?

You will have access until the end of your current billing period. After which, your subscription will be inactive and you will no longer have access to all the Quests, including the ones you've completed.

  • For example: Your subscription renews on June 6, if you cancel the auto-renew on May 6, you will still have access to your programs until June 5.

  • From June 6 onwards, all programs will be removed from your account.

  • You would retain lifetime access to the programs you've purchased individually.

10. What is NOT included in the Mindvalley Membership?

  • WildFit

  • Lifebook Online

  • Unlimited Abundance Live

  • Evercoach

  • Holobody Certification program

  • Certified Business Coach

  • Certified 10x coach

  • Evercoach Certifications

  • Mindvalley Membership Pro

    To learn more about Mindvalley Membership Pro, click HERE

11. Why do you advertise "Mindvalley Membership" giving all access to all programs when some programs are not included?

With the Mindvalley Membership, you have access to Mindvalley programs.

WildFit, Lifebook Online are not produced in-house by Mindvalley. These are partner programs and are excluded from this subscription.

Evercoach is a sub-brand of Mindvalley and is not included.

12. What is the best way to use Mindvalley Membership?

We recommend taking just one or two quests at any given time. These Quests last on average 2 - 4 weeks, with a short lesson unlocking each day or you can change the method by learning to self pace, read this article to learn more.

We also recommend connecting with our global community through the Connections App. You'll meet thousands of inspiring individuals who share your passion for transformation and who'll support and uplift you every step of the way.

13. So many programs, where do I start?

There are dozens of Quests to choose from in Mindvalley Membership each with its own unique objective. We recommend that you start with the Life Assessment, an eye-opening and highly-effective tool that helps you see exactly which areas of life you are excelling in and which need the most attention.

After you complete the assessment, you’ll get a crystal clear perspective on which Quests to take first depending on your unique goals and circumstances.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take the Life Assessment here.

  2. Enter your ‘Category of Focus’ here for Quest Recommendations. You may use our recommendations engine here to determine which program to start off with >

14. How much time should I spend on this?

We recommend that you commit to 20 minutes of ‘Mindvalley learn time’ a day. This is to help you retain the information and ultimately to create remarkable results.

To make sure these 20 minutes become part of your schedule, we recommend that you do something called Habit Stacking.

Habit Stacking means that you take a habit that is already a part of your routine and you stack a new habit on top. So, for example, you might want to stack your learning time with having your breakfast.

15. How many Quests should I take at the same time?

We recommend one or two at once. This will ensure you're enjoying consistent and sustainable growth, without ever feeling overwhelmed, Learn more on how many quests can you take simultaneously

16. What happens to the Quests that I bought before my Mindvalley Membership subscription?

If you have previously bought Quests from us and purchased the Mindvalley Membership, you will have lifetime access to your previous Quests even when you decide to cancel the yearly subscription.

17. Is Mindvalley Mentoring with Vishen Lakhiani included in the Mindvalley Membership?

Yes, this is located at My Programs tab under Series in your account.

18. Is the meditation previously known as "Omvana" included in the Mindvalley Membership?

Yes, you'll be able to access the meditations, along with your Mindvalley quest-related meditations within your account under Series.

19. Is Mindvalley Membership an auto-renew subscription?

Yes, Mindvalley Membership is set to automatically renew each year unless you cancel the auto-renew.

If you do not wish for this to renew automatically, you may cancel auto-renew for your subscription by following this article. Rest assured you would have access to your Mindvalley quests until the end of your current billing period.

Note that cancelling auto-renew does not mean obtaining a refund. This merely means that our system will not automatically charge you for renewal in the next billing period. If you would like to request for a refund, you may refer to this article.

20. I've purchased a quest, can I upgrade to the Mindvalley Membership?

Of course, you can upgrade via your account. Go to your profile picture and click the word Upgrade at the top right. Here is an article that explains more on Mindvalley's Account Levels.

21. I purchased a monthly subscription, can I switch to the annual subscription?

Purchased via Mindvalley website

Yes, certainly! Please log into the billing section of your account and cancel the auto-renew of your monthly subscription. Here's how to do this.

Once cancelled, you will continue to have access to your programs until the end of your current billing period. Then, once your current subscription expires, feel free to select and purchase the annual subscription again on this link. Rest assured all your progress within your programs are saved, so you'll be able to continue where you left off. Your progress will not be affected.

Note that your previous payment for the monthly subscription cannot be refunded (unless you're still within the 15-day refund policy, in which case you may follow this guide to obtain a refund). However, the billing period for your annual subscription will begin again on your new purchase date for 12 months.

Purchase via Mindvalley app

If your monthly subscription was purchased on the Mindvalley app, your billing details will not show up on your Mindvalley account billing section.

Instead, the billing and payments are handled directly by your app store.

Here are guides on how you can cancel your subscription via your app store -

Google Play Store / Apple Store

Then, you may purchase the annual subscription again after your app store subscription expires. Your progress in your programs will not be affected.

22. I purchased an annual subscription, can I switch to the monthly subscription?

Purchased via Mindvalley website

If this is out of the 15-day refund policy, we are unable to provide a full refund for your annual subscription. In this case, you may only cancel the auto-renew of your subscription so that this does not renew in the next billing period.

If this is still within the 15-day refund policy, please follow this guide to refund your subscription. Then, feel free to select the monthly subscription on this page.

Note that refund policies do not apply to trial memberships.

Purchased via Mindvalley app

Purchases made via Mindvalley app will be handled directly by your app store. The terms and conditions set by the app store is refunds will only be granted up to 48 hours from purchase.

If you are still within the refund window, please follow these guides to obtain your refund -

Google Play Store / Apple Store

Otherwise, you may cancel the auto-renew of your subscription by following these guides -

Google Play Store / Apple Store

23. I've missed the live calls. Where can I find the recordings?

All live calls are recorded and uploaded at least 7 days after the call has taken place. These are located under Live Talks & Workshops. Please click on My Programs tab under Series tab in your account, then scroll down the page.

If the call has recently taken place and you're not able to find it, please allow at least 7 business days from the call date to be uploaded by our team.

24. I bought Mindvalley Membership, can I access it in different languages?

Yes, you can! To filter out programs in difference languages, click on the My Programs tab > scroll down the page to My Quests > on the top right corner, you may change the language to filter the programs of a certain language.

Do note that not all programs have been translated into specific languages, so you may find few programs in other languages than in English.

25. What are the upcoming programs in Mindvalley Membership?

Please refer to this page for the list of upcoming programs.

26. Why can't I access some programs under my Mindvalley Membership? It shows as locked and prompts me to join Membership when I click on it?

Firstly, which program are you trying to access? -

  • Partner programs: WildFit and Lifebook are partner programs and are not included in the Mindvalley Membership. You may purchase them separately.

  • Sub-brands: Evercoach programs are not included as well as these are sub-branches of Mindvalley.

  • Old programs: Older programs such as Silva Life System and Dream Sculpting are not included in your membership. You may certainly access the newer Quest versions of these programs under your Membership, namely The Silva Ultramind System and Experience Lucid Dreaming.

  • Upcoming programs: Sometimes you are accessing a program that hasn't been launched yet.

27. I missed my Orientation call/ Onboarding call with the Mindvalley team, what do I do?

You may reschedule another call with our team on this link. Once you confirm, you will receive an email with the details of the call along with the Zoom link. Then, simply log into the link on the time and date you selected.

28. How can I change the starting date of my Quest?

Please refer to this article to learn how to change your cohort and the starting dates of your Quests.

29. How can I unlock all lessons within my Quest?

There are two learning modes to choose from Self-pace mode and Cohort mode.

If you would like to go through the programs at your own pace without following a cohort/group, you may change the learning mode. Refer to this article on how.

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links.

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